Reimbursement Consulting, Planning and Implementation

Reimbursement Planning

Reimbursement is the ideal monetization mechanism for new medical technologies. We start with understanding our client’s regulatory, clinical, marketing and sales plans for the technology in order to help us identify beachhead payer(s). The beachhead payer(s) can include U.S. commercial and public payers.

Our goal is to identify those payer(s) with established reimbursement pathways which meet the company’s business objectives. There are instances when the reimbursement pathways need to be changed. We assist the companies, and if necessary staff our companies, to research, prepare, publish and present the evidence to justify the company’s request for coding, coverage and reimbursement changes to the American Medical Association, the ICD10 Coding and Maintenance Committee and the Medical Directors for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans.