Healthcare Payer Data Analytics for Marketing and Clinical Assessment

Market and Clincal Analysis using Payer Data

We use cost, dispersion, care patterns, reference pathways and utilization databases from Medicare, Medicaid and the commercial payers, to help our clients solve strategic and operational decisions. The (empirical) data we utilize is; 1) actual, not forecasted, 2) current with up to 10 years of historical trending, 3) high specificity, that is to the patient episodic level and 3) derived from well-respected sources, the payers.  Combining payer data with our analysis skills we help our clients solve their operational questions like Who is the beachhead payer? What are the potential market entry points in terms of procedures, re-admissions and referral patterns? Should the firm invest in a company? Who are the hospital clinical sites where we can expedite patient enrollment? How can we optimize our sales channels based on payers’ policies?